Lync Passive Authentication: Getting Your Hands Dirty

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Disclaimer: I always “eat my own dog food”. Right now I am working on a Packt book and one of the topics is Lync Passive Authentication. Before writing about this topic I have built a complete lab (honestly, more similar to a scaled down production environment) to test it. The following are my finding about […]

The Big Map of Lync MVPs #Lyncmvpsmap July 2014

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On the 1st of July 2014 over one thousand people around the world were notified that they have received (or that they have been renewed) for the Microsoft MVP Award. Being and MVP has an huge impact on the life of technical experts, both from a personal and from a professional point of view. As usual, […]

Published on LinkedIn: Kerberos and Windows 2012: Our Favorite Monster Is Changed (Again)

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I have just published an Active Directory / Kerberos dedicated post on LinkedIn. Here you can read the introductive paragraph Kerberos and Windows 2012: Our Favorite Monster Is Changed (Again) Since Windows Server 2000, Kerberos protocol has been part of our day-to-day job. Its three heads (Key Distribution Center, the client user and the server hosting […]

Hybrid Clouds “Silver Bullet” of the Cloud Computing?

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Cloud Security Alliance has organized a beautiful event for Central and Eastern Europe, in Ljubljana. I have received the honor to take part to the event, with speakers like  James Snow from Google, Michele Bezzi from SAP, Kai Roer form the Roer Group and Jesus Luna from CSA EMEA. My speech has been about Hybrid […]

Chapter 3: Managing users with Lync Server Control Panel (Part 1)

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This post is taken from the 3rd chapter of the free e-book Microsoft Lync Server 2013: Basic Administration – Release 2.1   The Lync Control Panel is the first administrative tool you’ll head to after the Lync installation is complete. Around 80-90% of all the administrative tasks can be managed with this graphical interface (the remaining […]

The Big MVPs Map #bigmvpsmap

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The map shows the number of MVPs in every country, with an “heat counter” based on the color. The data I used here are the ones available on the MVP Award Homepage Not all the MVPs agreed to make their data public and not all of them added a country information to their profile, […]

Exchange 2007, FortiGate UTM,Error 451 4.4.0 and Error 400 4.4.7

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Scenario: Exchange 2007 (no Edge, one server with mailbox role, one server with hub+cas roles) behind a FortiGate appliance Problem: As soon as the UTM part of the FortiGate appliance is enabled, I had a lot of 451 4.4.0 and 400 4.4.7 errors shown in the message queue (outgoing) Solution: First, I had to check […]

FortiGate Filters, FortiGate Policies, and FortiGate Endpoint Security

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Packt always gives away a chapter from its book. This is the free chapter from my book Getting Started with FortiGate   Chapter 2:  Filters, Policies, and Endpoint Security After considering the FortiGate routing features, it is necessary to discuss its firewall functionalities. All the traffic that is received on a unit is analyzed using the Security […]

VoIP Providers and Emergency Services Obbligations

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One of the features taken for granted with traditional phone services is the capability to call emergency services. This kind of service has a long history: 999 (the first emergency number for the United Kingdom) dates back to 1937. Many nations have taken steps and created regulations to ensure that choosing a Voice Over Internet (VoIP) solution […]

Deploying Persistent Chat Server

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Packt always gives away a chapter from its book. This is the free chapter from my book Getting Started with Microsoft Lync Server 2013  Here you are able to download the PDF version Chapter 6 – Deploying Persistent Chat Server Persistent Chat Server is a new functionality of Lync 2013 (Lync Server 2010 had the group […]