Skype for Business MVPs Map #Skype4BMVPMap

On July 1, 2015 over one thousand people around the World were notified that they have received (or that they have been renewed) the Microsoft MVP Award ( ). Being and MVP has a huge impact on the life of technical experts, both from a personal and from a professional point of view. As usual, […]

Skype for Business Certified Headsets Guide v1.0

It is never easy to profile our Skype for Business users and to select the right headset. I tried to create something like a “decision tree” for profiling and a complete guide to devices certified for Skype4B. You can download it from the the Technet Gallery.   Disclaimer: this is by no means […]

How the Lync Server Cookbook Was Born

As some of you know, today the Lync Server Cookbook has been published and it is available on the publisher’s (Packt) website In the next few days it will be available also via Amazon, Safari and so on. What I would like to share, right now, is the story behind the text and (also) […]

Unified Communication day in Moscow

BELTEL (@BELTELinc) with Aruba Networks (@ArubaNetworks), Plantronics (@Plantronics), Microsoft (Russia) (@RusMicrosoft) and AudioCodes (@AudioCodes) have organized a great Unified Communication day in Moscow (27 November, at the Microsoft Technology Center). It required a lot of work and coordination and I have to say thank you to all the aforementioned companies (expecially to BELTEL) for […]

A Timeline of Windows Server Products, Starting with Windows NT 3.5

The announcement of the release of Windows Server preview ( made me think about the many Server Operating Systems Microsoft has published in the past nineteen – twenty years. I thought a timeline would be a good idea to have a quick overview of the story so far. Needless to say, you will see that the rate of new […]

Установка Persistent Chat Server

Persistent Chat Server   это новая функция Lync 2013 (в Lync Server 2010 имеется функция Group Chat, которая сильно отличается от новой). Persistent Chat дает возможность чату и IM диалогам продолжаться во времени. Некоторые более интересные новые компоненты Lync 2013 это интерфейс администратора интегрированный в Lync Server Control Panel, установка (внедрение) осуществляющаяся с помощью Topology […]

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