Microsoft ha Bisogno di un Web Browser

Storia vecchia, ma da tenere a mente Per molti anni ( potremmo dire fino al 1995) la mia attrezzatura Internet era Netscape Communicator ( o Netscape Navigator ) , il mio motore di ricerca era Altavista ed Eudora era il mio client di posta elettronica ( per i lettori più giovani , sono quelli che si possono vedere […]

Microsoft Needs a Web Browser

An Old Story We Have to Keep in Mind For a long time, (we could put an ending line around the year 1995) my Internet toolkit was made by Netscape Communicator (or Netscape Navigator), my search engine was Altavista and Eudora was my e-mail client (for the younger readers, they are the ones you can […]

What if Henry Ford Had Also Sold Horses?

I am the guest blogger on IT Central Station this month, with an article talking about the Cloud and the IT Professionals. http://blog.itcentralstation.com/henry-ford-also-sold-horses/     What if Henry Ford Had Also Sold Horses? Let’s start from completely imaginary; let’s say that Henry Ford in addition to selling cars was also one of the biggest (only?) […]

Enough Said

“Lync is now the fastest growing business at Microsoft”   “The productivity workload offerings of Exchange, Lync and SharePoint each experienced double digit growth this quarter, and Office 365 continued to gain traction with both businesses and consumers.  Results in our consumer business were influenced by declines in the x86 PC market, and changes in the […]